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Saturday, April 2, 2011

It is Spring!!!!

So we have finally (fingers crossed) gotten to Spring! Currently I have the house all opened up, some fans going and the kids are napping (feel like I should be running around doing cartwheels in the grass but George just over seeded so probably not). 

If you have been with me long since the last post you know that I had been in a clothing/hair/style funk. Seriously my kids were looking better than me. But thanks to a lovely grandparents weekend, Mamma got a brand new groove. Ok, so I didn't get a hair cut, its on the list, but I did get some super cute clothes!

I love Old Navy! 
Just Saying.
They have the best shorts, cute shirts and hello it is reasonably prices, can you really got wrong? 
I got this cute tank, mine is coral with white polka dots and another that is all kinds of yellow, brown and coral. A new summer dress and some good old staples from the clearance rack. Super wearable for just about anything Mommy needs. Date Night, Check! Trip to the Mall, Check. Looking super cute while doing dishes, Check! I topped mine with one of those great little cropped cardigans and.... 

(too much?)

 Good-Bye Funk!

And, what is a new outfit with out any accessories?

 I had to whip something up. Of Course!

The Georgia Flower is a gradient Coral to Peach Flower that is singed and hand-pleated then topped with yellow iridescent glass beads.  

This 4 inch beauty is great on a cardigan, dress, jacket or top!


The Ellie Flower, which bring together a rich Camel Brown and Soft Pink in a 3 inch Flower that is a must have for Spring. 

 Both are now available in Kayla's Kloset. 

In addition to making this beauties, I have been working on a large whole sale order. You will soon be able to find Kayla's Kloset items in the Cincinnati area.

On a family note, Michaela is WALKING!!! I mean down the hall, into everything Walking! 
She has Marty beat by 2 months. 

Check her out! This is about mid-March. Just imagine her with 2 more weeks practice!
TMNT's newest member Martitello
I can't believe that their birthday is right around the corner! 
Just a few more weeks and we will have a 3 and a 1 year old.
Oh Boy!

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