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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I've created a Monster....

Well to be more precise I have created a monster making monster. 

For a while I have been in a weird, not feeling so Hot, everything coming from my craft room is just off sort of funk. 
You know those, right?
Where you feel like this...

but since you are a grown up you can't just throw a fit, running in place with your arms all loose and dangly at your sides.

I was in a rout of ponytails, same old clothes and partial projects.
I felt like I was getting nowhere so as I do for some mindless entertainment and mommy time I spent one nap time checking my blogs and getting some ideas.

In reading one of the many blogs I follow, I came across a crafty movement called Celebrate the Boy
It is all about crafts and ideas out in the blogging world for the boys in our lives. 
Using crafts as a way of spending time with our guys and encouraging their creativity.
This is not only a fun but leads to some interesting finished projects. 
So this week, I decided to take a break from the flowers and jewelry to do some manly free-crafting.

What do little boys love next to cars and dirt?

 During Michaela's nap time, Marty and I sat down and pulled out my fleeces and buttons with a plan of creating a monster later named Googly Guy...

 Bow Ties, Crazy Hair  and Chompy Yellow Teeth. You just gotta love it.

After getting this guy together, he decided than Michaela needed a monster. 
So here is Princess Googly...

And then Daddy needed one for work, so he got a 
Locker Monster..

During the process of making the Locker Monster, Marty informed me that even though Grandma's Birthday had just past we needed to make her one and put it in the mail. 

I've created a monster!

The problem with making monsters is that it makes me want to make more and share. I already have a Lumber Jack and plans for a Birthday Pirate and Diploma Ninja.

Another side effect of free-crafting is that I feel refreshed in my craft-room and now have a bunch of pictures in need of photoshop for new necklaces, clips and headbands.
Stay tuned for these beauties.

I love the opportunity to spend one on one time with my guy. It makes for great memories.
Just keep an eye out for Monsters, they could soon take over!

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