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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Munchkins

 Patriotic Munchkin 

Play in the Sandbox with Daddy Munchkin

I finally like the swing but only for 5 minutes Munchkin

 Hiding from the Camera Munchkin

I think she was going for the Ed Grimley 

Summer Sewing

Some days it feel like we just skipped right past Spring and jump right into summer. No warning, no gentle transition just Bam! its hot. And then of course we are right back to sweat shirts and pants. Seriously the weather needs to make up its mind. Apparently my craftiness has already decided that it is summer and has chosen its color too. Aqua or Teal or any of those lovely colors that remind me of the ocean or my parents pool and how we don't live close.  Boo I know, but then the kids eat sand or track it in and then I don't feel so bad. 

This color just seems to scream make me into something pretty. So as it happens with the voices I listened. 

This not so little beauty is the Nina Flower. 

This Polyester Silk Flower is hand singed and pleated into a 4 1/2 inch flower on a 2 inch snap clip.  Perfect for Moms on the run or a fancy night out on the town.

 Next came the Roxy Flower. 

I This 4 inch hand cut and sewn felt flower is topped with a designer button on a skinny elastic headband and is great for trips to the zoo!

 Both are now available in Kayla's Kloset, just waiting for you to make them yours.

It has also been birthday season around here so my room has been pumping out adorable things for little ladies in our lives. 


A perfectly Pink Denim CrayonTote

 Know some one who needs one? I will be putting up a tutorial soon so check back.

And this super cute and "why didn't I think of this earlier" interchangeable Floral Headband

I am foreseeing these little babies in the shop soon.