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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

He is just too handsome!

I mean could he get any cuter!

This is Marty's first school picture, so I am guessing that there are 18-20 more of these coming over the years, but I can't beleive that my baby boy looks so grown up!!

I know that I have totally failed in keeping up to date on the goings on around here but life just seems to happening faster that I can type. 

Marty loves school! He is learning to write and read. He enjoys all his friends and I know that all the girls in class love him. It is a little like Beatle-mania when he gets dropped off in the morning. 

Michaela is fear-less as ever. Unless you are Santa and then not so much. She has taken to each new challenge like a battering ram duck to water. Jumping right in and going for it. We are looking forward to seeing her continue to blossom into the adventurous and vibrant girl I know will take a few years off Daddy's Life. 

This pregnancy is going well as the others did. Not really better or worse just different. Which of course is what "they" tell you.  

I think that I am still in a little denial that this baby is due in February and not April, because if I accept that then it is like right around the corner. And other than lots of plans and hunny-do's we are so not ready. I am sure once the holiday-crazy is over it will set in.

This fall has been a carload of ups and downs. We finally got a minivan (:-0 I know!!) We always said that we would never, instead simply buy one big honking SUV.  But having rented 1, bought 2 and now are the proud owner of 1 (long story), I have to say, they kinda rock.
Turning 27 definitely comes with a great birthday present.

With Christmas Vacation literally around the bend I hope I will have more pictures to share, but who knows when they will get posted. 

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!
We Love You and God Bless 
The Arthur's

Friday, November 4, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun

As always we have visited a pumpkin patch in costumesto get readt for Halloween. This year was no different. Marty has been into superheros this fall, most notably Spiderman. He and George have enjoyed to selection of cartoons available via netflix, including the 67 collection thru the early 90's we watched as kids. Michaela could have had a costume this year, but I could not decide and she didn't care. So, some hand-me-down tights, a cute shirt from Target and a 10 minute tutu = Super Cute!

 It's all pictures so enjoy!

Spider-Man, Spider-Man does what ever a spider can. 

 He climbs hay bales of any size

 Goes down slides

 On all sides

 They had a blast with this cut out thing

 All three kids got into it!

 Michaela spoted Mickey from across the patch and made a bee line. 

 Halloween Hugs

 Those blasted piggy tails sure can tickle.

They had a blast for sure! 
Love to every one!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Light, Camera, Chase!

I truly love being a mom to my little ones. I can flip back through pictures and just smile at all their antics, attitudes and reminisce on how little they were.
However, when my model is a hyper-active 18 month old it makes getting product shots a little tricky. Tons of half face shots, or blurry images makes for some serious photo editing. 

Since we are constantly on the move, I have found the sports setting on my camera to be oh so helpful. That and the trap and distract method which involves one swing and (sometimes) a helpful older brother.

This latest photo seesions pretty much go like this:
(all the head bands are now available in Kayla's Kloset)
Michaela, Please don't eat the dirt!

 Look at Mommy!!!! (hand waving, chessey grin)

Look! What's Marty Doing?

 Ok Lets Swing, WwwwwwwEEeeeeeee!!

 What a pretty....oh shoes

 Oh look there's Marty! Marty do something funny. Thanks Bud!

 Oh and just for fun. Michaela had a little Daddy time and I just could not resist sharing! 
 What a perfect pair of piggies tails! 

Oh and rolling on the front lawn = Blast!


Monday, October 3, 2011

New season, New Collections

Do you ever sit down in your craft room, just to made something pretty? 
No real plan, nothing specific to make and then you hit on something and get all excited?

After making more that a few tutus I have a large collection of tulle in all sorts of colors. Never one to leave fabric scraps and bits alone, and the draw of Pearls, I created...

A Funky touch of Fancy for any Outfit

Violet is a great combination of funk and fancy, with multiple layers of Black and Violet Tulle topped with pearl beads creating a simple ruffle, perfect for any look. 

This adorable headband can be for everyday and the color combination lends itself to a great outfit topper for Halloween.

Violet is currently available for purchase in Kayla's Kloset, where you can get a little Bit of Fancy for Every Day.

Fall is here...we hope!

We think fall is here!!!!
Although the 90 degree afternoons could definitely go far in convincing me otherwise.

We had a wonderful summer filled with family and friends. 

Marty got to enjoy his first Grandparent's Week, when he got to go to the circus, aquarium and generally hang out for a week in So Cal! I know he had a blast and we sure enjoyed to quite here as well.  He started pre-school and loves it. He also decided that he will be dirving a Monster Truck whem he grows up. 

Grave Digger to be specific. 

Michaela has been her normal, funny, crazy, loud self and getting to be more and more her own person as she gets older.

What can we say, This girls got personality!

We got to meet our newest addition... A little girl!
No, we do not have a name yet but we are working on it. Here are a few pictures for the latest ultrasound.
 We haven't had a thumb sucker before, I wonder if this will continue after she is born?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's A .....

Yesterday we got a chance to meet our newest addition to the Arthur Family! 
We are excited to say that we are having.....
Another Girl!
No we don't have any names, but now that we know we will get on it. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just a short trip to the ER

 So after a lovely dinner with the family do you know what my favorite thing to do is?  
You can definitly bet it IS NOT a trip to the ER.

Of course no one told Marty that. 

Our little trooper wound up with 6 stitches to hold him together. Other than the initial tears when face met floor he was super calm and pretty much hung out even while being stitched or sewed (as he called it). 

In the end he got a Popsicle, which he shared. Thank goodness Grandma Stella was here of most of these pictures would be of us chasing Michaela.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So much has happened, but for now a few Pics

 So much has been happening around here, that the little time I have would not even make a dent. So instead here are the newest pictures of our newest addition. These are for week 11. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Munchkins

 Patriotic Munchkin 

Play in the Sandbox with Daddy Munchkin

I finally like the swing but only for 5 minutes Munchkin

 Hiding from the Camera Munchkin

I think she was going for the Ed Grimley 

Summer Sewing

Some days it feel like we just skipped right past Spring and jump right into summer. No warning, no gentle transition just Bam! its hot. And then of course we are right back to sweat shirts and pants. Seriously the weather needs to make up its mind. Apparently my craftiness has already decided that it is summer and has chosen its color too. Aqua or Teal or any of those lovely colors that remind me of the ocean or my parents pool and how we don't live close.  Boo I know, but then the kids eat sand or track it in and then I don't feel so bad. 

This color just seems to scream make me into something pretty. So as it happens with the voices I listened. 

This not so little beauty is the Nina Flower. 

This Polyester Silk Flower is hand singed and pleated into a 4 1/2 inch flower on a 2 inch snap clip.  Perfect for Moms on the run or a fancy night out on the town.

 Next came the Roxy Flower. 

I This 4 inch hand cut and sewn felt flower is topped with a designer button on a skinny elastic headband and is great for trips to the zoo!

 Both are now available in Kayla's Kloset, just waiting for you to make them yours.

It has also been birthday season around here so my room has been pumping out adorable things for little ladies in our lives. 


A perfectly Pink Denim CrayonTote

 Know some one who needs one? I will be putting up a tutorial soon so check back.

And this super cute and "why didn't I think of this earlier" interchangeable Floral Headband

I am foreseeing these little babies in the shop soon.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Princess

 I can't believe that Michaela is ONE!!!! It seems like not so long a go we were watching her due date come and go. Waiting, knowing that when she decided to come it would happen. And boy did it ever! In the hospital, in a room and not even checked-in in less than 30 minutes our little girl made her debut.

Here is her first year in pictures. Enjoy!

 January 2010

 Just before she was born March 2010

And She is here April 27, 2010

 May 2010
Napping with Daddy

 Mother's Day

 June 2010
Pretty Girl

Some Brother time

 July 2010

 August 2010
Yah they are both watching TV

 September 2010

 October 2010
Queen of our Hearts

 November 2010
Hanging at the Craft Show with Grandma

 December 2010
Rockin' and Rollin'

January 2011 
In the car and with a hammer, sounds about right!

Oh, Look what I can do!

February 2011
Check out my chompers

March 2011
Working in the yard with Daddy

April 2011
Birthday Party!


Piggy Tails!

 Happy Birthday Michaela!