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Saturday, April 25, 2009

New addition to the gang

This is Sonya, she's a 2-3 yr old dog that we rescued from the S.P.C.A. We just happened to stop in there today to look around, and we fell in love with her. She's a Catahoula Leopard Dog mix (we think she has some lab in her). Marty is happy he has someone to climb on, and Frankie, well she's not exactly a dog lover, but no incidents yet!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm One!

Who knew that when we finally put Marty down after his birthday/dedication/house warming party he would be walking. But he is. It is pretty cool!

We loved having everyone here for the celebration. Great Grandma and Grandpa were a big help early last week getting to baby sit while Mommy had class and an interview. Great Grandma Cox was great at keeping Marty busy while I cooked and got stuff ready.

Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Nick and Auntie Kaleigh and Uncle Don as well as Nana and Papa and Auntie Kathy all got there late Friday night but did at great job of manning the cameras and playing with Marty. Uncle Nick even gave Marty a BATH (after he kinda ate a cupcake, he was way more interested in his hat). Uncle Tony and Auntie Melanie got in after the party but he sure loved his pool the next day.

I know that I would not have made it through the weekend with out all of them. Thanks so much I don't have words.

Here are a few pics and a video from this weekend.

He wore this hat forever and looked so cute too.

Just before he got his cupcake on. Although he really did not get into it like we hoped.
Rollin in his Fire Truck from Nana and Papa.
At his Dedication. He did so well, loved the Worship and did not try to rip Brads mic off!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moved and Kinda Unpacked

So we moved into our New House last Wednesday (it is our one week anniversary, aaaahhh), and we are loving it. The moved went great, just 2 trips with 5 pickups and a trailers and 6 firemen to do all the lifting. Every girls dream?! Haha! Seriously, the guys who helped out where great and definitely earned their pizza and beer.
So that night we slept in our house for the first time and it was great, no loud neighbors or people driving through the gate at all hours. Then the fun started, unpacking, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning, cleaning then unpacking some more.
Plus there were some small projects that needed to be finished, doors to be painted (Thanks Kath, you are a paintbrush master), door knobs to be put on (between George and my Dad) we got a dryer (thanks Nana for doing our laundry), the first fan got hung (Poppa and Grandpa) and Marty's bath got decorated (I love it, Nana got Marty some cool decor for Easter).

We have a ton of pictures but I will just put up a few, a couple of shots of the first day with all our boxes, some of the kitchen in it's state of half unpacked and of course Marty's bath room

Oh and we had our first sleep over, my Dad, and George's Parents and Cousin all came up last weekend to help us get finished. Good thing we have such a big house!!!

We love you all and can't wait for you to come and see our First House, even though you will be here for Marty. I can's believe he will be ONE!!! In ONLY 8 days!!! Holy Moly does time fly.

Here are the pics!

George mowing his lawn!

This is Marty's bath, we created at guest friendly Monkey Bath for our Monkey Man.

The first days boxes and kitchen mess, it looks way better now, I promise.

Our slumber party is the (1) formal dining room and (2) the living room (yup that is big Marty in the sleeping bag)

Another few shots of the family room and all it's boxes