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Monday, November 23, 2009

Santa and Babies

We are home at the grand parents this week for the Thanksgiving Holiday and have gotten one holiday tradition done and out of the way.

Santa Pictures!!!!

Marty was super excited to see Santa come down the stairs and told us he wanted to See Him!!! He did great during picture and told Santa all about the trains he saw at the train museum and the ones he got from Nana.

In addition to enjoying family time during George's vacation we are super excited to announce that Marty is going to have a little Sister!!!
That's right we are having a daughter. Both George and I are very excited and can't wait to meet her. I am currently 18 week or 4 1/2 months. Half way done, YAH!!!!!!!

We wish all our loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday, with safe travels and great food.

Love to all!

Year 27

Marty and Santa

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

We are starting to get ready for the upcoming Holidays and can't wait to see the family and eat some good food. Today Marty created his first of what I am sure will be many hand turkeys (with just a little help from mom), it was fun and the color combination were all him. He is getting better and better at naming his colors although blue is his go to color!

The rest of the picture are a result of daddy getting him dress before dinner one night. He were eatting pasta with red sauce so his shirt had to come off anyway. I love the little pudge belly!

Yesterday while eating a Tuna sandwich I had to get pictures because it is funny that it is a whole half a sandwich and not bits like he normally eats. Such a little man!!