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Monday, March 23, 2009

Demo Diary

Oh man, there has been so much going on I can't even believe how different the house looks with just a coat of paint and tile in just a few room. George and big Marty have been at the house all day everyday since last Tuesday. here are just a few pictures of the work that they are doing.

The base color for Marty's room, soon it will have stripes!!

The Grandpa's putting up our Microwave

Poppa getting ride of the hideous Aqua Room.
Funny thing is we still refer to it as the Aqua Room

Poppa's house parked in the driveway

My mom and I cleaning the pantry

Marty has been working hard too. Climbing ladders and eating sunflower seeds.

Poppa is laying the last tile in the Laundry Room.
It is the first room completed!!!!
This is the beginning of the end of painting.

George started the edge work in our bath room just before 6 pm tonight. Hopefully with the exception of touch ups the painting will be done tomorrow!!! (Fingers crossed)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Keys and Demo

That is right we have the keys!!!!!!

This last Thursday we got them and that day George was busy getting the ugly out.
The carpets and the linoleum were trashed and had to be replaced with some awesome laminate and tile. Which we got for a great price.

This is our first Dinner in our New Home!
Pizza and Soda!!!

Marty's hang out in the Dining Room