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Friday, October 7, 2011

Light, Camera, Chase!

I truly love being a mom to my little ones. I can flip back through pictures and just smile at all their antics, attitudes and reminisce on how little they were.
However, when my model is a hyper-active 18 month old it makes getting product shots a little tricky. Tons of half face shots, or blurry images makes for some serious photo editing. 

Since we are constantly on the move, I have found the sports setting on my camera to be oh so helpful. That and the trap and distract method which involves one swing and (sometimes) a helpful older brother.

This latest photo seesions pretty much go like this:
(all the head bands are now available in Kayla's Kloset)
Michaela, Please don't eat the dirt!

 Look at Mommy!!!! (hand waving, chessey grin)

Look! What's Marty Doing?

 Ok Lets Swing, WwwwwwwEEeeeeeee!!

 What a pretty....oh shoes

 Oh look there's Marty! Marty do something funny. Thanks Bud!

 Oh and just for fun. Michaela had a little Daddy time and I just could not resist sharing! 
 What a perfect pair of piggies tails! 

Oh and rolling on the front lawn = Blast!


Monday, October 3, 2011

New season, New Collections

Do you ever sit down in your craft room, just to made something pretty? 
No real plan, nothing specific to make and then you hit on something and get all excited?

After making more that a few tutus I have a large collection of tulle in all sorts of colors. Never one to leave fabric scraps and bits alone, and the draw of Pearls, I created...

A Funky touch of Fancy for any Outfit

Violet is a great combination of funk and fancy, with multiple layers of Black and Violet Tulle topped with pearl beads creating a simple ruffle, perfect for any look. 

This adorable headband can be for everyday and the color combination lends itself to a great outfit topper for Halloween.

Violet is currently available for purchase in Kayla's Kloset, where you can get a little Bit of Fancy for Every Day.

Fall is here...we hope!

We think fall is here!!!!
Although the 90 degree afternoons could definitely go far in convincing me otherwise.

We had a wonderful summer filled with family and friends. 

Marty got to enjoy his first Grandparent's Week, when he got to go to the circus, aquarium and generally hang out for a week in So Cal! I know he had a blast and we sure enjoyed to quite here as well.  He started pre-school and loves it. He also decided that he will be dirving a Monster Truck whem he grows up. 

Grave Digger to be specific. 

Michaela has been her normal, funny, crazy, loud self and getting to be more and more her own person as she gets older.

What can we say, This girls got personality!

We got to meet our newest addition... A little girl!
No, we do not have a name yet but we are working on it. Here are a few pictures for the latest ultrasound.
 We haven't had a thumb sucker before, I wonder if this will continue after she is born?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's A .....

Yesterday we got a chance to meet our newest addition to the Arthur Family! 
We are excited to say that we are having.....
Another Girl!
No we don't have any names, but now that we know we will get on it.