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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A little something for Spring

So today while the kiddos where resting, I did a little blog hopping. Checking in on all the lovely ladies that share all their ideas and stories with the rest of us. And low and behold I stumbled across Very Jane and snagged this adorable Spring Time Print. And the best part it was FREE! Want it? Go get it, it will be up for 3 days, 1 hour 36 minutes and counting. 

So now that I now possess this lovely art print , I had to find a place to put it. So, as I am picking up all the tiny and sharp (when did they get so sharp) cute toys, I do a mental crafting inventory. 

It went a little bit like this...

Hmmm, No photo frames hanging out. Don't really want to run to the store, Daddy is working and it just me and the monsters kids.

Ooooo, look you have this wood thingy that was the base for some walnut stuffed dates (not my cup of tea, but the wood thingy is cute). Also Free, Score 2 for me!

Umm, what else so I have?? Owww, Legos are sharp too! I bet that paper pack you got for your spring wreath (pictures later I promise) has something that would work. 

White Spray Paint, from my new storage drawer cabinet.
I am so organized now, I can work in not chaos, until of course I start to work. 
Hehe, Oh well. Check!

Hot Glue Gun?! Yup. 

Ok so Long story shorter. This is how I made it...


 Paint and Sand
I just dulled the edges and in some spots so that is slightly warn but mostly not.


I left the print curved out so that it gives it some 3D effect

It is currently living on one of the two ledges (aka crap catchers, do you have them in your house too?) in the archway of our house. Doesn't it look pretty. I sandwiched it between one of my favorite pictures from our wedding and last years Santa Picture of the Kids and under our Wedding invitation.

But don't be fooled by the neatness, it normally looks like this.

See: remote controls, bobby pins, ear buds, birthday cards, old fire nozzle, Optimus Prime .

Now I get that probable don't have the stuffed date wood thingy at your place too, but I am sure you could find something to up-cycle and make a handmade Spring Print for your house too! 

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