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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Sunni Easter Day

One of the things I love about Easter is the time we get to spend together with our families and friends. We just had Marty and Michaela's Birthday Party (pictures to come!) last week so we got to spend time with our family then. However since we live 5 hours away we got to spend Easter this year with our friends from Church. 

Easter time at church is always a great time to remember and reflect on the miracle of Christ's death and Resurrection. The messages that come out during this time are truly some of my favorite. This year was no exception, Brad did an amazing job of drawing not only the long time believer but those of us who are newer to Christ into a state of awe and want for a better, closer, stronger relationship with the Him.

We celebrated the coming of the Easter Bunny here as well. But man he sure is messy!

The trail of carrots left behind by a hungry bunny!

Buckets full of toys and a little candy!

Our little Bunny! 
Poor thing is bruised from her many trips, walking can be dangerous!

Mommy and Michaela

The closest we could get to a great family picture!

Easter Egg Hunting with the Plumbs and Casados!

Little Miss in charge of all the baskets

All the families before we chowed down on Easter Dinner

I can't believe I missed a picture of my Ham!

We all got a little something for Easter!

George got his favorite Cadbury Creme Eggs! 
Well only one because while we were at church the dog ate the rest! Yikes!

And I *got* this new beauty, the Sunni Flower Brooch
*made/got whatever

The Sunni Brooch is a bright and cheery Yellow Satin brooch that goes from the pale Chick Yellow to a Bright Sunshine.  

Sunni is a 4 inch Oval Flower is topped with brown glass beads and is the perfect ending to any outfit.

You can find it now in Kayla's Kloset

 I paired it with my "go to" Navy Dress I got from the Gap forever ago and white sandals ! It was a great outfit for a wonderful day. Although, I would have loved some yellow shoes. I have never had want for Yellow shoes but I could have definitely rocked a pair like these from Payless

these or  these from Zappos

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