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Monday, February 28, 2011

She can't be 10 months already!?!

I can't believe that Michaela is 10 months old already! That means that she while be One in February (Done),  March(1), April(2), AAAHH!!,  2 months. 

No it is not possible, she is still my little girl who sits in my lap is almost walking, makes adorable baby noises blows spitty raspberries with the best of them and loves to cuddle tries desperately to get away so she can explore.

Big standing girl!!

Ok so maybe she is not my baby baby anymore but it feels like it has flown by. 
And of course that means Marty with be 3! 

Because of some great (read: lack of foresight) planning the kids' birthdays are 11 days apart. 
So Joint birthdays it is!!!
I have started planning it already as a way to spread out the cost and work load. 

We are doing Knights and Princesses! A great boy/girl theme if I say so myself. 

I have the invitations done and ready to print.

One of the next things on my list is Party Hats!
I am thinking those cute little princess cone hats. I am planning on using these sweet little ones from Jones Design Company one of the blogs I follow.

Side note: my list of blogs has seriously been getting busy when I'm not looking. It is so long but I love each one.
I am thinking ribbons, glitter, and marabou in sweet little princess colors. 
I will also be working on crowns for boys but I haven't figured it out yet.

In the spirit of birthdays to come I have created a necklace that is a perfect gift for the girl who loves to be fancy and dress up. 

 Made of 3 adorable pom-pom flowers in pinks and white with an polka dot bow, Katie is the perfect accessory for any special occasion.

The pink grosgrain ribbon allows for ease in dress up and comfort in wear. 

Thinking of a little Lady in your life who needs this necklace?
It is now available in Kayla's Kloset on Etsy.

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