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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grandparents Weekend!

I love grandparents weekend!!!!

Not only the extra pair of hands, dinners out and the few minutes to myself, but the chance to sleep in until....

....................wait for it..................


(I know, Lame but hey sleep is sleep). 

The kids love it too.

 Watching his new Mighty Machines!!!

Grandpa lets them run crazy all day and Grandma gives them all the sympathy that Mommy just runs out of sometimes. 

Although we get a chance to skype (greatest invention by the way) a few time a week, it still can't beat the face to face, hugs, kisses and lovin time. 

This time around I also got a few solid crafting hours in during the middle of the day. 

And Oh Boy were the scraps flying. 

You see my mom is a quilter/sewer/crafter extraordinaire. All my skills come from her and I am jealous of the things she makes. I have no less than three of her quilts in my house and if I could catch her sleeping I would definitely have more. 

So when she is here we talk and plan and bounce ideas off of each other. 

Things like,  Where can I showcase my talents? 
Are their other items out there that fall within my abilities and could I take what I am doing now and translate it into that genre.

With all this in mind I decided to make.......

A little something for Mommy 

(Please ignore my roots!! I did not think they were that bad! Yikes!!)

This bib style statement necklace goes great with a simple shirt and pair of don't these make my butt look GOOD jeans or as the finishing touch for a night out with your man!

I love the vintage color combination of Cream, Browns, Pink and Gold along with the something special hint of the pearls and glass beads.

Eleanor is now available at Kayla's Kloset

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