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Friday, January 21, 2011

Change is Good.

When I started creating for others my items were directed at new mommies, who like me, were getting used to having a little one to about. This still is part of who I am and I love getting to be involved in new lives through a rondom sort of way through the nursing covers I make.

However, since Michaela was born I have been more and more inspired to craft and create through the time I spent with my kids. Marty and Michaela are a blast to just hang with and it has translated in to my sewing.

Just look at them, they're crazy!
Now I am sewing from them and the things that we get to do together. Like cooking, reading, dressing up and playing around. These guys keep our life changing and change is good.
In following that line of thought I have opened a new shop where I hope to share those things which are now part of our days with other families. 

Kayla's Kloset is a place to find that perfect accessory to finish a look, fuzzy leg warmers to keep those rollie pollies toasty as they explore the world, aprons to keep them clean cleaner while "helping" you cook and much more.

Some of the other items you will find here are:

These adorable magnetic letters. Made in soft pinks and greens the alphabet has never looks so fashionable and neither has your fridge!

The colors remind me of a Rose Garden

What a Lovely Rose Garden 

Great hair accessories!

I love the way Hot Pink looks with Black and White! Plus I get to play with my awesome birthday present! (Thanks baby! I don't think you knew what you were getting me into : ))
This funky Felt Flower Clip sort of screams Sex and the City at me! Sooo...

Carrie  it is!

I have so many projects flying around my craft room that I can't wait to freeze my fingers off taking pictures of them to share with you.

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