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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Belly Pictures, Finally! I know!

So here are some belly pictures from my 26th week of pregnancy. I guess I will put some up for all of you who keep asking. Not that I don't enjoy standing in front of the webcam every time we skype :) I am in the middle of my 27th week and am now officially in the third trimester. The end is near, but it is crazy how fast it goes.

I can't really believe that in less than 90 days Marty will be 2 and we will have another kid. Craziness!!!!!!!

I know I actually look like I am pregnant this time. I am looking forward to getting to spend sometime with the rents in a few weeks. Should be fun!! It has been months since we were down there, Thanksgiving! I know Marty is looking forward to hanging with his Umpa's. Watch out boys, he loves to ruff house!

George is doing well, taking some classes for work and mastering the 2 car garage! We can park both of them in there now!! Yeah!

I am excited to start getting the nursery together, got the paint and decor all ready to go!

Please enjoy the pics!
Love to all, XOXO
26 weeks pregnantGetting some belly love, from big brother

What happens when you leave the sticker book in with Marty at nap time!

Coo Coo Train hat. I think he wore to to bed that night!

1 comment:

grammyjan said...

Looking good! grammy is trying to be crafty in anticipation of Michaela. Have the colors for her lamp and am trying something I Haaven't done since junior high.

Enjoy my visits with Marty via webcam, can't wait for Michaela to join him.


Grammy Jan