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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from the Arthur's

 Happy Halloween!!

This year Marty was super excited about getting dressed up for Halloween. However He was super indecisive. For the longest time he would not give us an answer when asked what he wanted to be for Halloween. Then one day he pulled Robot out of the air. So here I am running through all the craft supplies I have and trying to figure out how I can whip up a robot with out breaking the bank or any fingers. Finally I had a plan and all it would take was a short trip to the "Man Store" (Home Depot) and we could make this work. 
Then as it so often happens with a two year old, his mind changed. OK, Bob the Builder it is. 
Which makes perfect sense if you have spent a second with our mini handy man. I mean the kid has more tools than George does. 
In fact the only thing we needed for this costume was the overalls and the tool belt.

So here he is as Bob the Builder!

For little Miss I wanted to try my hand at making a tutu. I have been toying around with adding DIY kits to my store and wanted to make sure that they really are easy to make. 
Easy and Super CUTE!!!! 
Just a few yards of red and black tulle and Wha Laa! Her little Puff clip is from the scraps and was just a simple.
I added the red onesie and black tights along with her red patten leather Mary Jane's. (Thanks Nana!)
As we all know Lady Bugs have spots, so I added hearts to her shirt. 
She does look a bit like the Queen Of Hearts, which I mean really, She Is. 

At 6 months old she is still rocking the 3 months clothes and blowing Raspberries!!! 
Super fun stuff especially with all the extra spit from teething. No teeth yet but they are so close.

We visited the Pumpkin Patch again this year and got some great shots of the kiddos.

The Princess in the Pumpkins. 

Marty love climbing over all the hay bales and I think he hit every single pile. Plus spent a good amount of time checking out the generator for the lights!
He is a special one alright!

Oh my, he sure is handsome!

The Haul!!!!

 Soooooo Strong!!!!!

 Hanging out in the back of the car with all our new Pumpkins!

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