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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting Crafty

Now that Michaela is here I get so excited to get her dressed everyday. I love having a little man running around but no one can deny the clothes for little girls are just too much. As a result of all the awesomely adorable outfits she has, I am driven to create for her. This was also true after Marty but instead of crafting for him, I felt compelled to share my crafts with other moms. As I am again nursing I continue to so.

I am now creating some pretty darling items for Michaela to wear and hope to soon share them with others. Here is just a taste of what has been coming out of our back room...

Yellow Fleece Flower with Beaded Center

Neon Fleece Butterfly

Bubble Boy Tie
(Not for Michaela, looking for Baby Boy to give it a go!)

I took the bottom of an old pair of Levis (thank you 2 kids for hips) and turned it into this adorable skirt.

Modeling I kept a bunch of Marty's clothes, but these shorts were just too manly for our little miss so...

The skirts were super simple to make and the onesies have stood the washing test. Michaela will be modeling them soon! It has been great to get the creative juices flowing again.

Our home has been benefiting as well, I finally did the curtain for our french door in the Master and am currently working out some faux Roman Shades for our Kitchen and Living Room.


grammyjan said...

Met a rambunctious two year old boy today. His mom called him bud. I thought if marty is as active I don't know how you have time for crafts. Michaela is going to be the best dressed little girl around. Even dressy onesies! Wow!

Pepper said...

Hey Katrina,
Just added your blog to my list. The clothes is adorable. When can I put my order in for the onesies? I love them all. I'm thinking the onesie with tie will still look cute on a girl if the tie was a girlie pattern.