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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy, Busy!

It seems like we have been so busy this past month. Marty is running around all day, into everything and keeping us on our toes.
He has become interested in daddy's tool, George in stalled a dog door and worked on getting a troublesome fan in our guest bedroom (Thanks Dad for helping out). So, anytime the tools come out Marty is enthralled, wanted to get his hands on everything. Cute, but not so helpful.

He is talking more and more, repeating things that spark any interest. He is also learning to use his spoon, all though it mostly leads to a mess.
He also enjoys hats.

And getting into places he shouldn't be.

We have had the opportunity to go to our local museum for a Bob the Builder interactive display with our friends, the Isch's and their daughter Maddie.

The kids had a blast.
Driving the characters, playing with the magnetic rock wall, the ball water pump, and the drill press.
Marty is getting so big, size 5 shoes and in 18-24 month clothes. Some times he just looks like a little man. I can't get over it.

He is healing well after his surgery and we will head back for his post-op on the 31st.

George is doing well, working, playing and hanging out. Getting over shingles.

I am still working toward my master's degree, and with some luck will have all the road block to that out of the way so that I can complete my thesis. It has been very frustrating but I keep pushing forward.

We love you all and have enjoyed seeing you all or are looking forward to it.

HAPPY 23rd Birthday Uncle NICK !!!!!!!!

1 comment:

grammyjan said...

What is your webcam address? Joe has mine working but i don't know where he put my adddress.
Would love to talk with my great grandson so he will at least know that I exist.

He looks just like Timmy did as a baby. sorry George.