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Friday, May 8, 2009

BUBBLE!!! and New Babies!!!

Marty is doing great! He is getting better every day at walking even though he still needs a finger. Some of his friends are walking on their own now and we hope to spend time with them so he gets the idea and starts doing it too.

The big news is that last night in the bath Marty said what was his first discernible word!!!!! BUBBLE!!!!! Bubble, bubble. Thanks Nana for getting me bath bubbles for Easter. It was pretty cool, because both George and I were there to share in it. We will keep working on it so Marty can show off when we come down.

We want to send out a heart-filled CONGRATS, to Manny and Crystal on the birth of Baby Jimmy, their first. The pictures they have sent us are soooo cute, we can't wait to meet him.

Also, to Aaron, Laura and Paige Panfilio on the birth of their son/brother Grant, he is the cutest little bug. So tiny and adorable.

Wow, I can't believe how many things have happened in such a short time. Whew!

Other than all that, things have been cooling off here at the Arthur House, since we last saw everyone. But as you have seen we have had the chance to add another member to the family and it has been fun. Sonya is doing really well, she is great with Marty, who loves to climb all over her and after her first training class is taking some great walks.

I have also decided with the help of some friends to open my own online shop! It can be found at, there you will find my collection of nursing covers and burp cloth sets. I am really excited to see what people think of my products and to share what I found to be a life saver with other moms. If you are looking for a baby shower gift, please check me out or share the link with all your friends.

We have recently had the opportunity to add a few pieces of furniture to the house, making some rooms, real rooms instead of just toy collectors. Although there are still toys every where.

So, here is the new chair we got for the living room as you can see it gets used all the time. To hold laundry, blankets and the cat.

This is my new desk!!! Our old one had open shelving and no way to hide the cords, and you all know how much Marty loves cords, so it had to go. We found this one at Staples and it fits right in, the stuff is piling up on it like it was always here.
Didn't George do a great job putting it together?!

This is the latest addition our dining room table. We got it at a great price, 50% off the original price. It has finally given the dining room a function and completes the home's living spaces. I love it!!!

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Jenny Plumb said...

I like your new table. It looks great there.